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GCSE Reforms

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Exams in reformed English language, English Literature and Maths GCSEs will be taken for the first time in 2017. These will be graded from 9 to 1, instead of A*to G.

  • A Grade 4 is the equivalent of the bottom of an old C grade.
  • A Grade 5 is the equivalent of the top 1/3 of a C and the bottom 1/3 of a B. The expectation is that the government will make this the new benchmark by which schools are assessed.
  • A Grade 6 is the top 2/3s of a B.
  • A Grade 7 is the bottom of an A.
  • A Grade 8 is the equivalent of the A*/A boundary.
  • A Grade 9 is higher than the current A*. It will only be awarded to the top 20% of students achieving a Grade 7 or above across the country.

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