Keeping up with your studies.

//Keeping up with your studies.

Keeping up with your studies.

Half-Term is over, and you are back at school. Hopefully, you got some rest, embraced the outdoors, maybe you didn’t because winter is the season of hibernation. Perhaps you watched Netflix (I did), played video games or hung out with friends and family.

Whatever you chose to do, I am sure you also got some school work/revision done right?

You do not have to be an expert to know how easy it can be to procrastinate. Regardless if you did or did not get any work done. It is truly about what you do now. I know it may sound cliché but before you know the exam season will be here and you don’t want to feel regret knowing you should have prepared sooner. Do I sound like your teachers?

Now I have some simple tips and reminders.

Mock exam practise.

You may have had your mock exams before the half term, or you will have them soon. ‘’They are not the real thing’’ I heard that a lot when I was facing mine. It is right they are not the real thing, and you should not overstress yourself.

However, mock exams serve as useful practice for the real exams as it will allow you to familiarize yourself and know what to expect. The more you practice in, the better you will become at applying the content you learn in your classes in your exams. You may be pleased with your mock result, or you may not. Remember the purpose of your mock exams is not to make you feel bad or down. And there is always room for improvement in whatever we do.

Your results can be a good indication of your strength and weaknesses in each subject. You might find you are better at some subjects than others. Again, it is good to know your stronger and weaker areas. For instance, your strong subject could be English, but maths needs a little work. From this, you gather what you should be confident in and what needs a bit more focus/ attention. Look at your results and feedback as a way to organise and prioritise your workload.

Ask your teachers for help.

Do not be afraid, embarrassed or discouraged from ever asking for help or feedback on your work from teachers. Believe it or not, that is what they are there for. From my experience throughout my higher education journey, one thing I wish I started doing sooner is asking for help. After all, you would rather get help and achieve the best you can. Then to not ask and know you could have done better if you had done so.

If you feel lesson time is not enough. Ask your teacher if there are any days where you can get additional support after school or in your breaks. You have nothing to lose and it can make the biggest difference in your grades. If anything I am sure your teacher will be impressed by your efforts to do better.

After your discussion, practise what you have learned and give it to your teacher to check. This will help you to learn to track your own progress.

Look after yourself!

Remember to stay hydrated and eat. By eating, I do mean have your fruit and vegetable too. School work can be physically and mentally draining. Your health is important and sometimes we forget we do have to take of ourselves. Plus, you need energy.

If you do want extra support, tutoring is a great option. ExpertEase Tuition offers professional tutoring in a wide range of subjects. Their online tuition options allows students to learn in the comfort of your own home. This way you choose what day and time you would want your session and you would not have to leave your house. A win-win situation really.

If you have any further questions, queries, or want advice on tutoring please feel free to get in contact.

Written by Anisa Khan

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