Why a certified tutor is important in helping your child get ahead with their studies

//Why a certified tutor is important in helping your child get ahead with their studies

Why a certified tutor is important in helping your child get ahead with their studies

The role of a certified tutor is crucial to support children with their school exams.

All parents are keen for their children to do well at school. Every step of the educational journey will make your child more knowledgeable and independent.

With the increasing changes in the school curriculum, exams at all levels have become challenging to navigate. It’s natural for you to worry about how your child will cope with the pressure.

Some will need support along their journey to success but may be reluctant to admit this to themselves or their parents.

You may find that your child resists any support that you offer, despite struggling with their work. Their unwillingness to accept help from you may be due to their lack of confidence and feeling that asking for help shows some form of weakness. These emotions can be magnified in the classroom, thus not asking for support from their teachers’, through fear of being judged by their peers.

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If you find yourself worrying about your child’s progress at school, you may be wondering what additional support you can provide.

Finding an experienced, certified tutor can help your child to overcome these fears. Their experience in a classroom and online tutoring means they are skilled at personalising tuition to support all levels of students. They know the best way of implementing the strategies needed to build confidence and knowledge. 

For parents, finding a certified tutor is a daunting experience. With many websites advertising tuition services, it can difficult to find a tutor who meets all of your requirements. 

The parent of a year 11 boy contacted us with concerns about his progress in GCSE English Language at school. He chose a certified tutor who assessed his needs and together they came up with a plan to aid his revision. His qualified tutor was able to provide him with some excellent GCSE revision tips and strategies for tackling challenging exam questions. After ten weeks of quality tuition, the student was happy and confident about taking his GCSE English exam. He enjoyed his online tutoring and found that was a positive experience.

Many of us will know from experience that results day isn’t necessarily a make or break event, but there is a worrying trend which seems to have been exacerbated by changes to the GCSE syllabus.

77% Students’ GCSE Tweets Show Fear, Anxiety, Dread, as highlighted from recent research.

When it comes to applying for university, these pressures often increase, because some courses ask for minimum grade requirements. That is why it is crucial to start as early as possible and that an experienced tutor can guide your child to perform well.

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At ExpertEase Tuition, we recruit qualified tutors who have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and are DBS checked. Many of our tutors are subject examiners and current/former leaders in education, giving them insightful knowledge, which is ideal when giving students’ GCSE and A-Level revision tips. Our high-quality tutors are experts at identifying and developing the talents of each student and use their vast subject knowledge to tailor every session to enhance their strengths and tackle their weaknesses.

We understand the importance of education in shaping the future of young people. We are proud to have supported many children in reaching their full potential.

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