Why many parents across the UAE choose UK online tuition

//Why many parents across the UAE choose UK online tuition

Why many parents across the UAE choose UK online tuition

The new school term is approaching, backpacks are almost ready, and parents are already
giving their children plenty of advice and encouragement for the new school year.
Some pupils are gearing up to study their subjects more intensively this academic year.
Others know that this year they will start to prepare for GCSE and A level exams to ensure
they are successful.
Although education systems from all over the world offer programs in the UAE, most
schools in the Emirates seem to follow the UK education system. According to research, the
British curriculum is taught in over 60% of Dubai-based schools.
The British curriculum, which is also known as the “National Curriculum of England”, is a
sound and solid curriculum designed to help students learn by questioning, problem-solving
and creative thinking. The quality of the British education is world-renowned and
Enrolling children in British schools isn’t exclusive to British expats. According to the KHDA
report, there are 58 British schools in Dubai, at the time of writing. The majority of students attending Dubai
private schools that study the British curriculum judge them to be ‘good’ or ‘better’ overall.

Why is UK-based, online tuition on the rise?

Many Emirati children who have additional tuition to prepare them to work or study abroad
have studied the National Curriculum of England.
Usually, a third of the children in a class will be regularly tutored. Some parents prefer to
assign this important task to UK tutors, as it ensures the tuition offered is well aligned with
their children’s education at school. In addition they can practise their English language
with a native speaker, which gives added value to the child’s learning experience.
Many parents in the UAE choose UK private tuition to complement and support their
children’s studies. Parents often hire a UK online tutor as a “quick fix” to get their child’s
education up to speed. Many children have gaps in their knowledge that need to be filled.
That’s because often both parents work and cannot support children with the six plus hours’
homework they are given every week.

Another reason parents choose UK online tuition is that they believe that it is a future-
proof option for their children, especially those who are looking to send their children to the
UK for their higher education. They want to make sure their children have all the support
they need to pass the exams that will help them gain entry into the UK system.

As a result of the recent excellent technological leap in the UAE, UK online tutoring is growing.
It is fast becoming a popular choice among Emirati parents. They can choose from the best,
most experienced British tutors in one click. Geographical location is no longer a barrier.
The support offered by UK online tuition provides children with the best possible
opportunities to succeed and to embrace the challenges of a new school year.

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